UPS Pascal PL 200 ( 450VA – 2.000VA )

Features :

  • LED display or LCD display selectable
  • Microprocessor – based digital control
  • Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization
  • Auto sensing frequency
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Power-on self test
  • Cold start
  • Auto restart when mains power is restored
  • Auto track mains phase to ensure that inverter output voltage has same phase with utility voltage, redu
  • Intelligent battery management: battery temperature compensation to extend the battery life; three-sta
  • Short circuit, battery overcharge/overdischarge, overload, surge protections
  • Automatic charging in off mode
  • Optional no-load shutdown
  • Optional RS232 / USB communication port and RJ11 / RJ45 protection
  • Unattended safety shutdown : system alarm and auto Power-On / Off by RS232 or USB interface comn

Rear Panel :

  • Output Socket (selectable)
  • TEL/Modem/Fax surge protection (optional)
  • USB (optional)
  • AC Input
  • Fuse